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Florian Hoefner (pianist, composer)

The Ecstasy of Becoming


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More Information

Flying Pooka!
Dani Oore (soprano sax, vocals) & Florian Hoefner (piano)

The Pooka is a shapeshifting creature known in Celtic and Northern European cultures to take people on wild rides. On their new album The Ecstasy of Becoming, Oore and Hoefner surrender themselves to a Flying Pooka, inviting you to join them on its spellbinding journey. Oore flows seamlessly between horn and impassioned glossolalic vocals, often in the midst of a single phrase. His sounds issue directly from deep within the soul together with Hoefner’s complex and expansive harmonies and soundscapes.

Production Notes

Dani Oore: soprano saxophone and voice
Florian Hoefner: piano

All songs created spontaneously by Dani Oore and Florian Hoefner.

Recorded on January 12th & July 9th 2021
at D.F. Cook Hall, Memorial University, St. John’s, NL, Canada
Recording Engineer: Steve Lilly
Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Dave Darlington at Bass Hit Studios, NYC

Photography: Joe Chase
Cover Design and Artwork: Nadja von Massow /
Cover Image: NASA/ESA/Hubble (recoloured)
Poem & Liner Notes: Dani Oore