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Florian Hoefner (pianist, composer)

Desert Bloom

Florian Hoefner Trio

also feat. Andrew Downing, Nick Fraser

released: 2022

Label: Alma Records

Catalogue no.: ACD52022

About the album

Desert Bloom

In this sequel to his award-winning, Juno-nominated album, “First Spring,” German-Canadian pianist/composer Florian Hoefner delivers another powerhouse performance on “Desert Bloom”, to be released worldwide June 3rd on Alma Records. With striking new compositions and inspired arrangements, Hoefner’s hallmark lyricism and knack for suspenseful dramaturgy are on full display. With “Desert Bloom,” it is clear that Hoefner has taken complete advantage of the opportunity to deepen and strengthen his compositional craft. The result is an exceptional new album.


Winnipeg Free Press, Keith Black

Pianist-composer Florian Hoefner used the constraints during the pandemic to extend his compositional time. The result is this fascinating album with Andrew Downing on bass and Nick Fraser on drums. […]

Hoefner has a lovely touch, especially in his solo intro to Neptune. Intensity and emotion without bombast is always endearing, and the trio delivers that reality throughout. […]

The piano trio is a jazz staple that is constantly moving and developing in new ways. This album is a wonderful example of that freshness. Keep blooming.

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Step Tempest, Richard Kamins

Desert Bloom” is often bright, sometimes shy to open up but ultimately a delightful way to spend 65 minutes. The music opens even further as one listens again and again; concentrate on each instrument and then listen again to the collective. There has been a large amount of excellent piano trio music released in the first six months of 2022 and much more to come.  This album by the Florian Hoefner Trio is certainly one of the best of this or any year!

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Der Kulturblog, Hans Kaltwasser

Desert Bloom is an excellent album that effortlessly ties in with the quality of its prequel and offers jazz on a high level of art and enjoyment.

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Nürnberger Nachrichten, Birgit Nüchterlein

At once relaxed and light,  powerful and full of hope, that’s what Florian Hoefner’s Desert Bloom feels like.

Once more Florian Hoefner delivers a dose of gorgeous music full of original harmonies and interesting forms. Each sound has its own meaning. It is well worth it listening to this album.



Kultur Komplott, Viktor Brauer

The trio creates a musically balanced atmosphere that oscillates between the familiar and the new, that thrives on new ideas and sounds incredibly fresh, whose devotion impresses and whose magical moments sweep you away.

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All About Jazz, Geno Thackara

As on their debut, the trio shows off an impressively honed interplay and an eagerness to mix their jazzy leanings with some pretty different musical spheres.

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Jazz Podium, Teddy Doering

This trio is a perfect, well-rehearsed team that makes Hoefner’s concept clear in a perfect manner. Hoefner plays – as always – with great technical elegance and inventiveness.

The WholeNote, Ted Parkinson

Hoefner’s compositions are subtle,  nuanced and always moving; the album is a jazz delight because of the interplay amongst all three musicians.

Read the full review here., Wesley Derbyshire

While Hoefner has explored various musical endeavours, it is with this trio that he truly shines.

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