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Florian Hoefner (pianist, composer)



also feat. Florian Hoefner, Magnus Schriefl, Malte Dürschnabel, Matthias Pichler, Peter Gall, Christine Carter

released: 2011

Label: Enja Records

Catalogue no.: ENJ-9570 2

About the album


SUBTONE is one of the most interesting bands in the European jazz scene. Originally a pure Berlin band, most of the members now live in New York. When they had a triple triumph at the Avignon Jazz Competition in 2008, their reputation soared. Now, they have hit club and festival stages worldwide, most recently at the Bohemia Jazz Fest and the Jazz Baltica Festiva.

Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute – Malte Dürrschnabel
Bass – Matthias Pichler
Drums – Peter Gall
Piano – Florian Höfner
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Magnus Schriefl
Bass Clarinet on 7 & 9 – Christine Carter 


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