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Florian Hoefner (pianist, composer)
New album 'First Spring'

A new challenge in simplicity

Interview w/ Jazz.FM91

Critically acclaimed pianist and composer Florian Hoefner has been called a “composer-bandleader of insightful resolve” by The New York Times and a “harmonically daring pianist” by Downbeat Magazine. Over the years, he has made his mark with his exciting style of contemporary jazz.

Born and raised in Germany and trained in New York, Hoefner is now living in St. John’s, N.L., and in some ways the folk traditions of Atlantic Canada are making an impression on the German jazz innovator.

Florian Hoefner has just released a new recording called First Springwhich features far less complex tunes than he’s ever written or recorded. And as Hoefner explains, that was a new, exciting and surprisingly challenging endeavor for the veteran pianist.

On the release day of that new albumHoefner joined us here at JAZZ.FM91 to chat about his influences and composition style, as well as to perform a couple of the new tunes for us live on the air.

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