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Florian Hoefner (pianist, composer)

New album out today! Iris Trio – Project Earth: The Blue Chapter

Florian’s debut album as a composer with a classical chamber ensemble.

The first in the Iris Trio‘s epic multi-chapter Project Earth series, The Blue Chapter features original compositions Florian Hoefner, with original poetry written and recited by Griffin Prize-winning poet Don McKay. The result is the collision of the Iris Trio’s virtuosity and “exquisite balance of sound” (Augsburger Allgemeine) with a remarkable new body of spellbinding chamber music, uniting inspiration from classic, jazz, and folk genres. The album is out April 5th 2024 on Centrediscs.

Iris Trio
Christine Carter – clarinet
Zoë Martin-Doike – viola
Anna Petrova – piano

©Joe Chase 2021


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