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Florian Hoefner (pianist, composer)

Flying Pooka! to take off on Oct 6th on Alma Records

On October 6th Alma Records is going to release the debut album of “Flying Pooka!”, Florian’s new duo with saxophonist and vocalist, Dani Oore under the title The Ecstasy of Becoming.

Every note, every melody, and every emotion you’ll experience on this record is completely improvised – a true musical conversation between instruments and voices, without any pre-composed material. Dani and Florian have poured their hearts and souls into creating a collection of tracks that we can’t wait to share with you all.

The Pooka is a shapeshifting creature known in Celtic and Northern European cultures to take people on wild rides. On The Ecstasy of Becoming, Dani and Florian surrender themselves to a Flying Pooka, inviting you to join them on its spellbinding journey. Dani flows seamlessly between horn and impassioned glossolalic vocals, often in the midst of a single phrase. His sounds issue directly from deep within the soul together with Florian’s complex and expansive harmonies and soundscapes.

Don’t miss their very first single which will be hitting all major streaming platforms on August 25th,

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