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Florian Hoefner (pianist, composer)

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Dani Oore

Iris Trio Project Earth, The Blue Chapter

Project Earth: The Blue Chapter

About the album   The first in the Iris Trio‘s epic multi-chapter Project Earth series, The Blue Chapter features original compositions by Juno Award-winning composer and jazz pianist Florian Hoefner, with original poetry written and recited by Griffin Prize-winning poet Don McKay. The result is the collision of the Iris Trio’s virtuosity and “exquisite balance […]

The Ecstasy of Becoming

The Ecstasy of Becoming

About the album Embark on an enchanting voyage with the Canadian duo Flying Pooka— JUNO-winning pianist Florian Hoefner and JUNO-nominated winds/vocal improviser Dani Oore. Their fearless debut venture, “The Ecstasy of Becoming,” available from Alma Records in October 2023, intertwines risk and unbridled creativity. Fully improvised music that simultaneously sustains tonality and shifting harmonies is […]