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Florian Hoefner (pianist, composer)

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Florian Hoefner Trio

Live Review: Florian Hoefner Trio at National Arts Centre, Ottawa

“The sheer songfulness of the material spurred Hoefner to interpret and improvise with lyricism at the forefront. His arrangements added the right amount of jazz breadth and sophistication to the mix in terms of harmonic and structural richness, without turning the material into jazzschool contrivances. These pieces, plus Hoefner’s like-minded and well-crafted originals such as the quick, […]


Live Review: Subtone live at National Arts Centre, Ottawa

“Founded 13 years ago when its members were in university together in Berlin, Subtone plays high-powered, sophisticated, tautly arranged original music. For trumpeter Magnus Schriefl, reeds player Malte Dürrschnabel. pianist Florian Hoefner, bassist Matthias Pichler and drummer Peter Gall, there was consistently a lot of detailed material to execute. […]